Asap Conver does not display on my website, why?

The 7 most common problems that users usually have and why it is not displayed on a website are the following:

1. The notification created is not active. #

Whenever a notification is created, by default, it will be inactive. You have to activate it in your notifications panel, inside your project. In the following image you can see almost all of them inactive, if you click on the Status button, you will have the possibility to activate it and it will appear in blue color.

Inactive and active notifications
Inactive and active notifications

Also check that your CAMPAIGN is active in the same way, to do this, open your list of campaigns and check that the Active Status check is checked.

2. The notification is active, but does not trigger. #

This can happen due to a multitude of factors, in action 3 we explain the technical information, but before proceeding to them make a check inside your control panel.

Edit your notification and go to triggers, inside put:

  • Show trigger: Wait X seconds.
  • Set frequency: All the time.
Example of notification that appears 2 seconds after user login and is displayed all the time.
Example of notification that appears 2 seconds after user login and is displayed all the time.

This way the notification has to appear in X second after opening a page of your website or reloading the page.

If this works, we recommend that you alter the time so that it does not appear as soon as the user enters and set a longer wait so that it does not appear «all the time», 1 time per session (visit) is enough or 1 time per browser.

3. You have actually included the exact URL in the trigger and the HTTPS or HTTP is missing. #

Be careful when including the exact URL. It is possible that on the PC it runs https, and on the mobile http, and that’s why it comes out in one place and not in another.

Make sure you put the exact URL
Make sure you put the exact URL

Make sure that your website only uses one alternative (https normally) and, if not, and both work, add the 2 versions as in the image below.

4. Is the pixel code not installed on your site? #

To check if the pixel exists go to your website and press CTRL + U or right click and select View page source code.

Now press CTRL + F and an online search engine will appear. Type «Asap Conver». If it does not find the word, it implies that the code is not on your site or is not yet in the cache.

Do the following:

  • Clear the cache if you use plugins to optimize loading speed.
  • If you don’t have them, examine again how to install the Asap Conver pixel on your site and install it.

5. The pixel is not in the location where it needs to be. #

If you have checked the source code in the above action and found that it exists, note the following: the code should be placed before this tag. </head/>

colocar correctamente el pixel de asap conver

( More code may appear between the pixel code, so no problem).

If the code is placed after the </head/> it will not work. If it is placed inside the </footer/> it will not work either.

6. Inspect the domain you entered #

Everyone has an oversight 😉 Check that you have actually typed the domain correctly in your project. It is possible that a misspelled letter or sign will cause it not to work. For security reasons it must be exactly the same as your domain.

7. Contact us #

If you have inspected the source code and it is correctly configured, cleared the cache, examined the alternative subdomains, your domain is spelled correctly and it still does not work, write to us at and we will inspect your project to help you.