Tips and best practices to increase subscribers to your blog and newsletter

With Asap conver you can improve your blog or newsletter conversions. Here are some easy tips to implement on your blog or website to capture more subscribers. And some more tricks to improve the monetization of your blog if you work with any affiliate platform.

All the examples you are going to see below can be created with the Asap Conver tool in 2 minutes. In addition, you will be able to automatically send the captured subscribers to your email marketing or CRM provider (Mailchimp, Acumbamail, PipeDrive, etc.).

Define your content strategy for your newsletter

The first thing you need to be clear about is: why would a person subscribe to your blog’s newsletter? This will determine your CTA or call to action, the message you should enact on your blog to attract more subscribers.

Some examples of CTAs for a newsletter could be:

  • Every Sunday at 12:00 we will send you 5 cake recipes.
  • Subscribe and receive a weekly newsletter + a bi-monthly e- book + a checklist on how to invest in your blog.
  • Receive SEO news every Wednesday on your blog (for very specific niches this CTA can work very well).
  1. What type of content are you going to send to your subscribers (e.g. newsletter, e-book, checklists…)?
  2. When are you going to send each type of content you create (e.g. every week a newsletter and every month an e- book)?
  3. How are you going to send it to them (e.g.: I will publish all the content in the newsletter, I will publish it on my blog in a private post for subscribers, I will send them a private video, Patreon…).

If you already have all this clear, let’s see practical examples to attract subscribers to your blog and newsletter.

E-mail catcher

Create an e-mail catcher that appears when the user has been reading your blog for at least 30 seconds. By default, the user closes everything that appears before he has been able to read anything on your blog – cookies, e-mail catcher, advertising…-.

If you set it up so that it comes up when the reader has been on your blog for a while, you are more likely to catch his attention and he will subscribe. These are the 3 types of catchers that you can configure in Asap Conver (varies, above all, the size; from smaller to bigger):

Clector de leads de asap conver
Examples of notifications to capture leads. We have more 😉

Example of Giant Catcher created with Asap Conver:

capturar dtos con asap conver

Countdown timer with countdown timer

Are you organizing an event soon, a live event or a private webinar for your subscribers? Create a catcher with a countdown that generates a sense of urgency among your readers and get them to subscribe. It is important to highlight the “subscribers only” option in the text.

notificación cuenta atras asap conver

Fixed bar with e-mail catcher

As with the previous catchers, you have the option of creating a fixed bar with the e-mail catcher. We also recommend that it does not appear immediately, but that it appears when the user has been scrolling for 30 seconds or has scrolled at least 40%. This way, the notification will be much more eye-catching. Example at the bottom of a web page:

barra colectora de datos de asap conver

Get more shares of your content

To capture more subscribers you also need more web traffic. Create a notification to share on social networks, but do not show it until the user has scrolled 60% of your post. This way you will get them to share your content when they are most interested, and thus increase your social traffic.

social share asap conver

Example of notification:

notificacion social de asap conver

When you go to eat at a restaurant and you see two establishments next to each other: one where there is no one and one where there are people, where would you prefer to sit? The one where there are people, right?

This is what is known as “Social Proof” or “social proof” or “social presentation”. It is a method to show our customers that there are many individuals using it and therefore they can trust it and buy.

Make your users trust your brand and team. Create a sense of urgency and need for your products or services. Generate a sense of power of your brand.

  • Boost your Social Proof“. Show that there are other users who have purchased and are satisfied.
  • Share the best reviews and comments from your customers.
  • Generate the feeling that your business is reliable, busy and with preferential products or services compared to the competition.
Notificaciones de aumento de confianza de Asap Conver
Example of Social notifications

Get more followers on your social networks by taking advantage of your entire website. #

Direct your blog traffic to the social profiles that interest you the most. It can be your Telegram channel, your Instagram, your YouTube channel, your Twitter… Create a notification of the type “Group of links” and configure it to appear on the information pages about you: in the “Who I am” or “Who we are”, in the “Legal notice” or in the “Home”, for example. On these pages the user usually wants to know more about the person behind it. Example of the notification “Group of links” (you can edit it to your liking completely):

generadores de confianza de asap conver

Drive your blog traffic to your affiliate posts and earn more money. #

Create a “Call to action” type of notification and drive your blog users to visit posts that contain affiliate links. For example, you can create a post titled “The latest news in freeride skis” or “We have a new e-book” and in it put your Amazon affiliate links or redirect them to the page you are interested in. Now, when a user browses your blog, if the CTA jumps out at them and you manage to capture their curiosity, they will click on the notification to visit the post that contains those links. Thus, you multiply the chances of making money with your blog.

These are just a few examples of everything you can do with Asap Conver and a little imagination. There are 27 different types of notifications that you can turn into a thousand ideas to generate subscribers, income or leads.