Tips and best practices to capture more leads on your digital platform

If you have a SaaS platform, a marketplace, an online course or any kind of digital platform, we show you a few examples to capture more leads and gain customers thanks to Asap Conver.

Fixed bar with button for your landing pages #

When your visitors are reading one of your landing pages -especially where you explain what you do, how it works…- and they have a 40% scroll, Asap Conver launches a fixed bar with a button to register on your platform.

barra con boton de asap conver

Convert your blog traffic into registrations #

Get your blog visitors to end up registering on your platform and improve the ROI of your content marketing. It is usual in a blog that a very low percentage of visits are converted into registrations on the platform. This can be improved by showing the right notification at the right time.

To do this, you can create a “Call to action” type notification and configure it to be displayed when the user has been reading your articles for at least 10 seconds.

call to action asap conver

It is important that this time passes before displaying the notification because, as a general rule, a new visit closes all the modal, pop ups and notifications that appear as soon as the user arrives on a website (as is often the case with the cookie warning). Therefore, if you wait a little while, the notification will have a much greater impact on your user than if you show it to them as soon as they enter the site. Another very important key: you must create content that interests your potential customer. If you create content just to bring more and more visits without thinking about who it is aimed at, you will not get more leads or registrations and this method will not work.

This is an example of a popup from a company dedicated to SEO. With a CTA you can make your investment in content marketing and SEO generate leads for your platform.

cta de asap conver

Phone or e-mail catcher #

Place in your pricing page or in your transactional pages a phone or e-mail catcher. Show it when the user takes at least 30 seconds to get their attention when they have had time to read and are more interested. An example of a phone catcher:

Social Proof #

When you go to eat at a restaurant and you see two establishments next to each other: one where there is nobody and another one where there are people, where would you prefer to sit? The one where there are people, right?

This is what is known as “Social Proof” or “social proof” or “social presentation”. It is a method to show our customers that there are many individuals using it and therefore they can trust it and buy.

Make your users trust your brand and team. Create a sense of urgency and need for your products or services. Generate a sense of Brand Power.

  • Boost your “Social Proof”. Show that there are other users who have purchased and are satisfied.
  • Share the best reviews and comments from your customers.
  • Generate the feeling that your business is reliable, busy and with preferential products or services compared to the competition.

Promotional coupon for new users only #

Create a flash coupon to be shown in the landings destined to information for new users. This way you can encourage them to register and try your platform with a welcome discount.

cupon flash asap conver
Example of a coupon. We have many more formats

Capturer for events, webinars, live events, etc. #

Generate a sense of urgency with a countdown catcher. If you are going to hold a webinar or any other type of training that may interest your visitors, create a countdown catcher to sign up for the event and get new leads.

notificación cuenta atras asap conver

Show testimonials from real people #

Add testimonials from your customers. If they can be people known in your industry, so much the better. This way you will generate more confidence. Add their image, their rating and comment. If possible, try to use testimonials that highlight your strengths or your value proposition: An example of a testimonial:

testimonios de asap conver

Train your visitors and turn them into users. #

Within your informative pages you can show a video so that your new visitors can see more clearly how your platform works. Example on a landing page of a parachute jumping company.

notificación de video asap conver

Generate trust even in your legal notice #

On platforms, it is very common for new visitors to review the legal notice or terms of use. Add your details there so that they are displayed when someone new accesses the site. For example, you could create a “Link Group” type notification in Asap Conver and give your contact details and your social networks. Make it easy for the new user to trust you.

generadores de confianza de asap conver

You can combine all options, mix all notifications, show them when you want, where you want. There are 27 types of notifications in Asap Conver that, combined with your creativity, can give you hundreds of options to get more leads for your digital platform.