How to activate or deactivate a notification

It is very simple, within each campaign you will have the notifications (CTA, email capturers, feedback, engagement, social proof, etc). When you access the notifications in the “Status” column you will see a button to activate or deactivate them.

activar o desactivar notificaciones
Example of inactive notifications (in gray) and an active one (in blue)

Notifications whenever they are created, by default, will be INACTIVE. Therefore, when you create it, go to Notifications and activate them by clicking on the Status button.

Why are they revealed inactive by default? #

So that nothing is published without your approval. This way you can create many notifications without affecting the user and then activate them whenever you want.

How long does it take to be displayed once active? #

It is immediate. As soon as you activate it, if whatever it is is properly installed, it will start to come up. And the same for deactivating it. As soon as you deactivate it, it stops appearing.