How to create and configure the first notification

If you have already created a campaign, the next action is to create the notification. It will be the pop-up message that will appear on your website.

The first thing you need to understand is the types of notifications that exist depending on your objectives. Some notifications will help you to offer more, others to capture leads, notify, etc. You can see them all here.

Once created, it must be configured and for you to see it much better I am going to offer you a real example with the alert called “Modal Collector”.

When you create the notification you will have a view similar to this one. In the preview you can see how it looks like and in Settings you can modify the notification to your liking.

Modal Collector to capture leads
Modal Collector to capture leads

Let’s look at each area of the settings: #


These are the basic settings as the name suggests. Here you can set the text that will appear later in your notifications.


This is where the magic happens. Here you select where on your site you want the notification to be displayed and when.

  • You can show them on all pages or choose a particular one.
  • You can also choose whether it will be displayed when the user has actually been waiting 10 seconds, has scrolled 70% of the time or when the user tries to leave your site.
  • Choose whether it is displayed all the time, when per user session (check out) or once per web browser (it jumps as soon as and does not appear again).
  • And finally, the mobile device or large screens.
Example of a trigger on all pages, when the user has scrolled 70% and displayed once per session.
Example of a trigger on all pages, when the user has scrolled 70% and displayed once per session.


Here you can configure in which part of the screen it will appear, for how long it will appear and you can remove the Asap Conver branding and put your own if you really have a paid plan.

Example: it will be shown for 30 seconds and will appear in the center of the screen. You can click to close it and the branding will appear at the bottom of the notification.


Here you can modify the design of the notifications. Colors, shadows, borders, input and output impacts, etc.


Here you can choose where to send the captured data. This will only appear in “collector” or “catcher” lead type alerts.

You can add a webhook and send it to another application (Mailchimp, Acumbamail, MailerLite, Zapier, etc.) or, more simply, send all captured data to your email.

Example: All the information captured by the notification will be sent to your email.