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How to create your first campaign

The first thing you will have to do when you enter Asap Conver is to create a campaign.

Each campaign is associated to a single domain and all its subdomains. If you want to use Asap Conver in more than one domain you should create a campaign for each of them.

Configure your campaign #

  • Name: enter the name of your campaign. We recommend you to use the “Name of your website – Target”.
  • Domains: enter your domain without http/https. We recommend you not to add the www. either, although you could do it if you want.
  • Include Subdomains: if your website has subdomains like or or activate it. If you have added in domain the 3 www, you don’t need to activate this option.

Which configuration is better? In domain put your domain without anything in front of it: and then activate the option to include subdomains.

And that’s it.

Then you will have no configuration problems and you will be able to activate Asap Conver in all your website.

Click on the create campaign button and fill in the information from the dropdown menu