How to install Asap Conver in WordPress

Congratulations! If you are reading this tutorial is because you are probably about to increase your digital business. Welcome to the club.

Installing Asap Conver in WordPress is a super simple task. Here you will see step by step how to do it.

First of all, once registered in Asap Conver you will need to create a campaign (see here how to create a campaign) and get the Pixel (a few lines of code) to link the campaign to the URL where you want to work.

Click on the Copy Pixel button

This installation is done in this way because by not downloading anything on your website, Asap Conver does not affect the loading speed and web experience of your users.

To install it on your WordPress website the first thing you have to do is to open Appearance – Theme File Editor.

configurar asap conver en wordpress
On the wordpress main page go to Appearance -Theme Editor

Select your active theme (in case you have activated a child theme we recommend you to add the code in it).

asap conver en wordpress
Select the theme you are using on your website.

And edit your header.php file

cinfuguracion asap conver en wp

You must copy the Pixel and paste it in this file, before the closing of the head tag (</head>).

pegar pixel de asap conver
Go to the Header Editor and paste the Asap Conver Pixel between the two tags (</head>)

Update your file to save changes. In case you have installed any cache plugin you will need to clear the cache.

asap conver en wp
When finished click on the update button