Integrate Acumbamail with Asap Conver

How to send the emails captured in Asap Conver to your Acumbamail account automatically.

Step 1: Sign up in Acumbamail #

To create a webhook you will need a paid account. The free ones do not have the “Developers” option.

Step 2: Create a list in Acumbamail #

integrar asap conver con acumbamail

This is where the contacts you send from Asap Conver will be saved.

Step 3: Go to Developers → Inbound Webhooks #

integraciones de asap conver

Step 4: Create a new webhook #

crear webhook en asap conver
  • Name the webhook: Name it whatever name you want to recognize it later. For example: Asap Conver.
  • Endpoint: Choose the “Add subscriber” action so that when someone adds their email to an Asap Conver catcher it is sent directly to your Acumbamail list.
  • Select the list: This point refers to the list from step 2. Choose where you want your emails to be stored.
  • Inbound Payload: This is the most technical part, but don’t worry we are going to give it to you here. Depending on the catcher you use in Asap Conver it has a payload or another. There are 2 types. Copy and paste the one you are using:

Payload (1): for the notification called Email Collector.


"email": ""

Acumbamail configuration

Payload (2): for the called notifications: Collector bar, Modal collector, Modal collector two, Collect request, Countdown collector.


"input": ""

Configuración de acumbamail

Change the mail to a real mail

Enabled: Yes, enable it.
Field mapping: If you have set the payload correctly, in email (*), you should get “input” or “email”. Select it.

configuracion software gestion de mails con asap conver

Step 5: Copy the URL of your Webhook #

acumbamail y asap conver

Step 6: Paste the URL of your Webhook in your Asap Conver notification. #

Activate the “Send captured data to external sources” option and paste the URL given to you by the webhook.

webhook asap conver

Step 7: Make a test #

Go to the linked notification on the page or post where it is displayed and enter an email that is NOT in the list you created in Acumbamail.

If everything is ok here you should get 1 successful call for each email added. And if you go to your List you will get added as well.

integraciones asap conver

These emails will also be saved inside your Asap Conver catcher.

datos capturados por asap conver