Integrate Substack with Asap Conver

Creating mail catchers that integrate with Substack is very simple. Here’s how:

1. Inside Substack go to Settings. #

And copy the iframe that they give you in “Embed signup form on other websites“.

integrar substack con asap conver

2. Configure the Substack fields #

to create your notification and link it with Asap Conver you must create your title, text, logo or images from Substack:

configurar substack
inegraciones de substack con asap conver

3. Create a HTML type notification in Asap Conver #

Custom HTML or Custom HTML

custom html asap conver

4. Copy the code from Substack in the field “Custom HTML”. #

And edit the field that says width=”480″ and put width=”320″. This way the notification will not go outside the box and it will look better. This edits the width.

configuración de substack en asap conver

5. When copying and pasting it you will probably get a cut off, but don’t worry. #

Add the following CSS code above the iframe and you can modify the width, height and borders to make it look complete:


.altumcode * {height:400px !important;padding:0px !important; width:400px !important; border-radius:2px;}


And ready, edit the Triggers to show the notification in the URL you want, when you want and increase your subscribers in Substack easily from your website.