Asap Conver dictionary: Learn about keywords

In this dictionary we are going to group all the words that we recommend you to know to use Asap Conver, make CRO and improve your online conversion. Get more sales, customers and registrations.

Collector #

you will see this word along with others as a name in the notifications. Collectors are email or phone collectors. In your Asap Conver account when you create an alert, if you are trying to find a. data collector, search for the word “Collector”, you will see there are: email collector, demand collector,. countdown collector, bar collector, modal and modal two collector, etc.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) #

A set of marketing techniques used to improve the conversion of a website. That is, that with the same visits you get many more registrations, sales, carts, subscribers, etc.. That is why Asap Conver is a CRO tool, because it helps you to improve conversion.

CTA (Call To Action) #

As its name suggests, it is a call to action. It is any button, image, text, popup or. notice that you add on a website that draws attention with a clear objective: the user to add an item to a cart, sign up for a course, download a guide, go to see a post where then. you offer an infoproduct, etc.. Within Asap Conver you will see that there is an alert that is literally called “Contact us for action” this is since it is the best to get the user’s attention.

Source code #

Behind everything you see on a website is the source code. This code is the one that sends to the browser the instructions to show how it should look, how the website is ordered, how it is colored, and so on. You can view the source code by right-clicking on this page and selecting “view page source code” or by pressing CTRL + U. And why is this essential? Because then you will be able to see if you have correctly configured Asap Conver. on your site.

User Experience #

It is a set of elements whose objective is that the user who visits your website leaves satisfied. The better the user experience, the more conversions your website will have.

Feedback #

It is the opinions that your users give you about your services, articles or your website. It is. important to ask or understand what they think to gradually improve and use them a better user experience. And remember: the better the experience, the higher the conversion rate.

Leads #

A lead is a possible customer. It’s someone who could buy from you because they have a specific interest in your product or service, but hasn’t yet done so. Therefore, when we talk about capturing leads, we are referring to obtaining the contact information of your potential customers. The more leads you have, the more sales you can get. With Asap Conver you will be able to capture them using email collectors to do so.

Modal #

It is a pop-up window that appears in the user’s browser. So to speak and without getting into technicalities, each Asap Conver notification could be a Modal.

NPS: Net Promoter Score #

It is a type of study from 0 to 10 where users rate an element and, depending on the score obtained, the evolution of the element can be identified. At Asap Conver we have something similar but from 1 to 5 (numerical and with emojis) for your users to rate their experience on your website. This way you will be able to detect errors and improve their user experience.

Pixel #

A pixel is used to track what a user does on the Internet. They are often used to see if a project is profitable or not, or in the case of Asap Conver we use it so that notifications are displayed on our user site and we can provide you with data about your projects, choose where they appear, provide you with information about your leads, etc.


Stands for Return on Investment. If you sign up for a year of Asap Conver for EUR100, but improve your conversion and get EUR1000 in sales, you will have a positive ROI (x10). If you invest EUR500 in Twitter Ads and get EUR100 in sales you will have an unfavorable ROI.

Social Evidence #

In English the word is less funny, it would be something like “social proof” or “social presentation”, it is to reveal to your users that your website is very popular, many people visit it and buy/shop there often. For this you usually use Asap Conver ads that usually say “This product is being viewed by 50 individuals right now” or “Jose Luis from Murcia has just registered” … And you may believe, but does this work? Maybe not for you who already learn marketing, however you surely understand somebody who would believe it (and if you show genuine data it will be reputable to everybody, whether you learn marketing or not).

Conversion rate #

If out of every 100 visits 1 purchase you would have a conversion rate of 1%. This is what describes the conversion rate. It can also be applied to registrations, customers… With Asap Conver you could develop notifications to go from 1% to 1.5%, which although it may not seem like much, would be offering much more.

Sets off #

In English they are called “triggers” although those who have been doing this for a long time call them triggers. As the name implies, triggers activate alerts to appear when and how you want them to appear. Here’s an example: you produce an alert to tell your user that you have free shipping today only. Then you set up the trigger and decide that it will go off when the user checks out a very specific item and has been viewing it for 30 seconds. At that moment it will be triggered and will be directed to catch the user’s attention and make them resolve the purchase.

Usability #

With this term we refer to how easy it is for a user to use an online tool, to buy, to use a platform, etc. It should not be confused with user experience. One thing is complete satisfaction or not and another whether a site is easy to use or not.