Which type of notification to choose?

In Asap Conver you have 27 different types of notifications, however as you may have seen, each one serves a different purpose. The 27 can be organized into 8 types depending on what we want to do.

1. “Call to action” notifications #

Make calls to action to promote what you want. A new article you want to offer more, lead users to register or a sales landing page …

2. Direct sales #

With Asap Conver you will increase your sales and conversions by displaying coupons, limited time offers, latest opportunities, new products… You will generate a sense of urgency and FOMO to customers.

  • Get direct sales by adding discount coupons.
  • Capture customers who try to leave your website or do not complete the purchase process.
  • Highlight new products or the most profitable products for your business with attractive notifications that are triggered at the right time.

3. Feedback #

Collect feedback from your users in different ways. This way you can increase your conversion by improving your products or services.

Generate a link with your users to improve their browsing experience. Ask your users and get their feedback in a simple way. Improving the user experience will increase the conversion of your website.

  • Create drop-down surveys to find out what works and what doesn’t work on your website.
  • Measure the degree of user satisfaction with your products and services.
  • Create a direct communication service with your customers.

4. Engagement #

Get fans for your social networks, show intriguing links and keep your users by showing them videos on your website.

This way you will increase the typical time on your website, you will be able to train them or reveal new products and improve conversion.

5. Capture e-mails and contact numbers of your prospects #

Increase the list of potential customers and capture e-mails and phone numbers quickly. With these capturers you will be able to reward your users and in return they will leave you their data.

Get incoming users to interact with the web and leave their personal data easily. Get leads for your sales team, for advertising campaigns or subscribers to your newsletter.

  • Create or update your database of all your users and potential customers.
  • Create captors that run where and when you want them to.
  • Redirect users to any product/service you offer, whether it’s an ebook, a course, a PDF or a product.
Notificaciones para captar datos de clientes de Asap Conver
Examples of notifications to capture data

6. Social Proof #

When you go to eat at a restaurant and you see two establishments next to each other: one where there is no one and one where there are people, where would you prefer to sit? The one where there are people, right?

This is what is known as “Social Proof” or “social proof” or “social presentation”. It is a method to show our customers that there are many individuals using it and therefore they can trust it and buy.

Make your users trust your brand and team. Create a sense of urgency and need for your products or services. Generate a sense of Brand Power.

  • Boost your “Social Proof”. Show that there are other users who have purchased and are satisfied.
  • Share the best reviews and comments from your customers.
  • Generate the feeling that your business is trustworthy, busy and with preferential products or services compared to the competition.
Notificaciones de aumento de confianza de Asap Conver
Examples of Social proof notifications

7. Social traffic #

The share button is something that goes unnoticed nowadays. People don’t usually share from the site to social networks unless it is something very intriguing. With the alert called Social Share you can make it so that when the user has viewed 90% of your short articles they get an alert and inform them “if you liked it, share it on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook”.

Keep your users engaged with your brand by showing them what is most relevant to your business. Increase your social media presence to capture new users and potential buyers.

  • Get followers through social networks, show links of interest, new products and retain users to improve the conversion of your website.
  • Increase the average time on your website by showing some video to your users.
  • Get more social traffic to your website through strategically designed social notifications.
ejemplo notificacion de prueba social
Example of “Social Proof” notification

8. Create what you want with HTML #

If you understand HTML you can create any type of notification you want. To do this choose the notification called “Custom HTML” and include the code you want.